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3D Animation Courses After 12th

We train the career aspirants to master the animation techniques so that they can start a highly paid career in the animation industry and make it big..

DURATION: 12 Months


CERTIFICATION: City of Oxford, UK + Times and Trends Academy

The word “animation” means liveliness, the state of being full of life. So, this career involves the creation of the illusion of life. It is so exciting to create characters and cartoons. Micky Mouse, Tom and Jerry, Kungfu Panda, Pokemon, Aladin, Cinderella, Mogli, etc. are one of the best animations in the industry.

India has about 300 animation, 85 game development and 40 visual effects studios. But sadly, only 15000 professionals are working. So, a huge demand for experts in animation industry can be sensed. So, animators have a promising life ahead.

Today, so many aspirants are taking up the 3D Animation Course and stepping in this industry. This is because a 3D Animation Courses gives a break in this emerging field.

Do you think there aren’t enough career opportunities in this field?

  • The industries like television, print, films, gaming, internet advertising, comics and newspapers, etc. demand animators.
  • You can take a highly paid job in Film Animation, Games Animation, Sketching, Character Animation, etc.
  • You can be a faculty and teach in Animation Domain.
  • You can be a Freelancer in Animation Field.
  • You can establish your business and be an entrepreneur in the animation industry.

Am I at the right place, doing the right course?

We at Times and Trends Academy, offer a unique 3D Animation Course. We call it unique because it assures you a highly paid career in animation. Our 3D Animation Courses is much focused on practical training sessions, workshops, site visits and lectures from experts. This 3D Animation Course will give you a lot of insights into the entire process while simultaneously giving you opportunities to practically see your creativity come alive.

So enroll with our 3D Animation Course and mark the beginning of a fascinating animation career.

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