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We help the career aspirants to master the AutoCAD software so that they can make a great career in the designing 2D and 3D models..


ELIGIBILITY: Under-graduate/ Graduate


AutoCAD stands for Automatic Computer Aided Design. AutoCAD is a commercial software application and it is used to draft 2-D and 3-D models using a computer. It is a very important application in the design industry. Most engineering students who aim to go in design career opt for AutoCAD Training. It is easy to learn and very much useful. AutoCAD Training is accepted in many countries world-wide. This training is designed to help learn the basics by using the software, and also learn to customize it that will help you shape your career.

Do you think there aren’t enough career opportunities in this field?

  • You can work in different profiles likeAutoCAD Design Engineer, AutoCAD Helpdesk Support Engineer, AutoCAD Designer, CAD Technician, CAD Supervisor, Design Engineer, Graphic Designer, AutoCAD Technician, AutoCAD Draftsman, etc.
  • AutoCAD Training makes a candidate eligible to work in various fields such as Interior design, Construction, Manufacturing, Architecture, Surveying, Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Furniture Industry, Facilities Management, and much more.
  • You can take a job or start taking contracts as a freelancer, in the industries where AutoCAD is required.

Am I at the right place, doing the right course?

Times and Trends Academy (TTA) offers a professional AutoCAD Training Certification affiliated by AutoDesk. This course is specially designed in a way that students are prepared to be employable and competent. They become eligible to get a highly paid job after this AutoCAD Training. At TTA, there are highly configured computers for the students to practice and be perfect in AutoCAD.

So enhance your career with the AutoCAD Training at Times and Trends Academy Register now and stand out in the crowd…

Am I getting enough from this course?

  • Industry relevant and career- oriented syllabus
  • Practical training along with in-depth theoretical knowledge.
  • Highly configured computers for practical training.
  • Guiding in portfolio creation, resume writing, etc.

Are you in a dilemma whether you will be placed or not after this course?

Come to Times and Trends Academy, Learn from the experts and get a placement for sure!!

Yes, our students get 100% placements if they have 80% attendance record and 50 % average marks in their respective course. We are really happy to have a 97% placement record!!

These are the students who have witnessed our genuine efforts of offering a highly paid career to the willing aspirants.

AutoCAD Training Syllabus

  • Exploring the Interface
  • Creating Your First Drawing
  • Setting Up and Using the Drafting Tools
  • Editing and Reusing Data to Work Efficiently
  • Mastering Viewing Tools, Hatches
  • Adding Text to Drawings
  • Using Fields, Tables and Groups
  • Using Dimensions
  • Using Attributes
  • Organizing Objects with Blocks
  • Keeping Track of Layers and Blocks
  • External References
  • Introducing Printing, Plotting, and Layouts
  • Working with Isometric Interface
  • Creating 3D Drawings
  • Using Advanced 3D Features
  • Customization and Integration

Note: The course syllabus changes as per the latest industry requirements

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