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Jewellery Design Course

Course Curriculum

Jewellery Designing

We help the creative aspirants to gain mastery in designing eccentric jewellery so that they can start a creative and lucrative career..

What Should a Comprehensive 

Jewellery Designing Courses


DURATION: 3 Months


CERTIFICATION: Times and Trends Academy

Jewellery design is a great way to bring together art and techniques in a detailed way. Jewellery designing is in boom today. So many students are taking up the Jewellery Designing Courses as a stepping stone to this career. With numerous Jewellery Designing Courses available in the market, it becomes difficult to know which is the best option. To get a highly paid job, it is a must to research and choose one of the best Jewellery Designing Courses.

Do you think there aren’t enough career opportunities in this field?

  • You can work with a jewellery brand as their in-house designer
  • You can work with different brands as a freelance jewellery designer
  • You can work as an accessory designer for TV and Film Production Houses
  • You can start your own brand and become a business person, designing and selling your work.
  • After passing out, a fresher can get a job with salary Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 30,000. And top rated jewellery designers can earn about 1 lakh per month.

Am I at the right place, doing the right course?

Times and Trends Academy provides one of the best Jewellery Designing Courses in India. The theoretical and practical teaching approach, workshops, Expert lectures, etc. are the features of this course. The Jewellery Designing Courses cover factors like the basics, gemstones rendering and shaping, software for jewellery design, etc. TTA, in addition, offers online programs for shaping careers of the students in jobs or business of their own.

Take a step forward and join the Jewellery Designing Courses at TTA for a remarkable career and being a highly paid expert!

Am I getting enough from this course?

  • Coaching including theory and practical knowledge
  • Expert Faculty giving one-to-one attention to students
  • Online programs for personality and confidence buildings
  • Workshops, industry visits, lectures from subject experts

Are you in a dilemma whether you will be placed or not after this course?

We at Times and Trends Academy help students to make them financially independent and we achieve this with our rate of placement which is 97% for almost every year. We have a policy of 80% attendance and 50% average marks. If the student follows these two conditions 100% he will get the placement.


    1)Sources of Inspiration
  • What is primary and secondary research?
  • How to modify your research into jewellery?
  • Why observation and creativity are important in jewellery?
  • What role does inspiration play in jewellery designing?
    2)Basics of Designing
  • How important are the principles of designing?
  • Materials used in jewellery
  • How to draw different types of stones and motifs.
  • Different types of settings used in jewellery to set stones.
  • Why colouring is so effective then a black and white design?
  • Colouring of metals from Gold to Platinum
  • Gemstones and different types of colours
  • Textures that can be shown on the metals.
    4)Indian Market
  • Study of the market – Jaipur, kolkata, mumbai, south.
  • Stones, settings, metals, navratna, design style
  • Designing of jewellery pieces that are famous in the domestic market from Necklace to Rings.
  • How to use proper measurements and design setting
    5)Theme-Based Designing
  • Choosing of particular topic. E.g. Bees
  • Research and analysis on bees and the connection you can depict with day to day life
  • Colour combinations, habitat, behaviour can be depicted in various ways in to designing (conceptual)
    6)International Markets
  • U.S. Market
  • German Market
  • British Market
  • French Market
  • Japanese Market
    7)Portfolio Making




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