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Opportunities in Animation, VFX & Multimedia field in and after lock-down

Opportunities in Animation, VFX & Multimedia field in and after lock-down

One question that comes in almost every parent’s mind today is, “what after COVID-19” in terms of job vacancies and opportunities for placement, especially in Animation field.

For this, one must have a fair idea about the Animation field, not only parents but also aspiring students who want to make a career into animation.

The general conception about animation is cartoon or cartoon movie making like ‘Tom & Jerry’, ‘Micky mouse’ or ‘Harry Potter’ & ‘Avatar’ etc.  But over the years, the field has evolved into a mega industry producing millions of opportunities all over the world and in India as well.

Right from the smart phone apps which we use to the advertisements we see on television or on internet & websites, requires animations in various forms.

E-learning is one of the in-demand trend esp. in/after COVID-19 which requires lot of content creation and is only going to increase in demand in coming years, producing abundance of opportunities for youngsters.  Even if a candidate is weak in drawing skills, he or she can make a successful career into this. All one need is observation, interest & consistency.

The most important thing for an aspirant or a parent is to acknowledge the need for learning the entire production process of animation/VFX and get qualified for surviving the upcoming challenges & grab the available opportunities.

The animation/VFX field is roughly divided into various categories like a) Industrial animations (civil walkthrough by builders, machine simulations in mechanical industry etc.), b) Multimedia & Application design (communication design), c) Movie making

The communication design has a wider scope in terms of creativity and placement. It covers the entire process from pre-production like story boarding or wireframe to production processes and post-production like editing and compositing. This requires a thorough knowledge of entire multimedia process and applications

Advertising field, publication, e-learning, web design and web media creation, game design, graphic design & printing etc., all come under communication design.

The course designed at Times & Trends Academy envelops all these processes and required software with practical oriented study approach.

The degree and diploma courses include the entire process of production, from script writing, content creation to production and post-production, making students more eligible for job than the others.

A wide range of software like, Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel-Draw, 3DS MAX, MAYA, Flash, After Effects, Premiere, V-ray, Arnold, Mudbox, NUKE, Silhouette, Mocha are covered in these courses with certifications.

Two most important factors for placement are a) Portfolio, b) Communication Skills

Portfolio is the collection of your work which speaks for you in interviews. A good portfolio can ensure a job even if you had a bad day at interview. In TTA Chinchwad we pay personal attention to each individual student in designing the portfolio as per professional requirement.

We also provide Internships to many of our students to let them have firsthand experience of industry practices and handling the pressures.

We believe in 360 development of a child.

Apart from technical studies, communication skill development, resume development & Interview preparations are also covered with the help of seminars & workshops directly from industry experts.

Good knowledge, complete knowledge & good communication skills are the fundamentals of success in any period and specially NOW when the competition is going to get tougher after lockdown.

This is in-fact the time one should think investing in him/herself for planning for career and upgrading one-self.

Considering the challenge of lockdown, Times & Trends Academy has come-up with comprehensive online training module which includes study material, lecture and evaluation systems.

Students can attend the session from home as per the convenience.

Times & Trends Academy has always believed in making students highly paid experts in industry so that they can achieve, ‘Peace of Mind, Financial freedom &  a Career for life’.

Interested Candidates can enroll for free career counseling or demo session by filling the following form.

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