The next 10 years will see Times & Trends Academy have a global presence with a network of academies identified by a high level of commitment towards offering quality, job-oriented vocational and professional courses and comprehensive training programs to millions of students at affordable fees.


Its been more than 19 years we have been training students for various job oriented courses. Our Philosophy is We believe in people, We find reasons to celebrate the achievements, we coach & support each other, We are accountable, we are continuously improving & innovating, we have positive energy.


To inspire and instruct others on how to improve their lives and achieve peace of mind, financial freedom and a career for life.Times & Trends Academy will continuously look forward to seeking inputs and suggestions from its team members. Adding student delight and friendliness.

Nikita Agrawal


We all know that in this ever growing and fast world change is the only constant thing. We at Times and Trends Academy believe in the same principle. We always keep updating our system of teaching and training because we need to follow the footprints of the time to make our mark in the world.  Lets know about times and trends academy motto : “inspire and instruct others on how to improve their lives and achieve peace of mind, financial freedom and a career for life”.

Omprakash Agrawal


In the next 10 years, Times & Trends Academy will emerge as the Numero Uno (Number 1) Academy in the world, building a career and building nations through its world-class curriculum designed to serve all teenagers and the youth. Although there would be students from all walks of life eager to enroll for one of the career-defining courses offered by the academies of Times & Trends Academy. It would aim to cater to its target niche comprising of bachelors, students, and job aspirants wanting a career for the life in the field that they are passionate about, and that too at affordable fees.





Times and Trends Academy Chinchwad will be a place where each and every student shall acquire quality education supplemented with an excellent support system, guaranteed job offers, state-of-the-art infrastructure, online learning with home study DVD programs, the provision of studying at the comfort of their home at their own timing and pace, a comprehensive and industry-endorsed curriculum and last but not the least, the delight of interacting with and learning from honest, loyal, trustworthy, committed, dependable, responsible, positive, polite, friendly, happy, cooperative, respectful and qualified trainers and management personnel… EACH AND EVERY TIME!!



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